13-315U Wireless Tire Pressure System 13-315U

13-315U Wireless Tire Pressure System 13-315U
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  • Item #: 13-315U
  • Manufacturer: Big Bike Parts
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 13-315U
  • Condition: New

Big Bike Parts® has updated the popular TireGard ™ Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System with an all new easier to read universal display. 

With the broad market acceptance of TireGard™ the decision was simple to make our 2-Wheel Monitor easierto read with larger read out numbers and a simplified presentation. 

All the same information is still displayed on the 1 ¼ inch key fob display, but is now more easily interpreted, making this top seller even better. 

Lightweight 1/3 oz sensors donot require wheel rebalancing and includes G-Force sensing to reduce battery life. 

Very easy installation, Do it yourself installation is quick and easy without any technical knowledge or special equipment for the external sensor models 

2 minute installation.

Wireless technology allows the sensor and monitor to connect automatically

Fully adjustable pressure and temperature warning range with vibration and/or audible tone with immediately alerts operator through the LCD Receiver/Monitor of abnormal tire pressure or temperature

Tire pressure and tire temperature data will update every time the sensor on the tire experiences a 1 PSI pressure change

Batteries included

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